Getting ready for a fancy party isn’t just about the dress and hair; your makeup is one of the critical components. Check out our five party makeup tips for any occasion.


Party is the time when you want to play with your looks, dress differently, redefine beauty in your way. You don’t want to be less than any fashion diva in a rocking party. Fashionable clothes and sandals don’t work until your skin looks flawless. Everybody at the party is not aware of your ambition in life and the work stress you face each day. But you have to hide this pain reflected by your eyes and uneven skin. Makeup is a life savior in this matter.

The stalk for a beauty parlor starts as soon as you get an invite. The anxious you, trying to figure out the best beauty parlor in Lucknow, suddenly receives a call from a friend and saves your life. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Yah, it sounds cliché but true. God has not given such friends to everyone, who can get you the best party makeup or search nail art salon for you. So, here are five stunning tips for your DIY route-

  1. Pamper Your Skin

You can’t just start makeup on your face, which is dull right now. Try taking care of your skin a few days before. It’s not possible to repair every inch of your skin, at least remove that boredom look. For that, hydrate your skin thoroughly with a quality moisturizer each time when you wash your face. Use night serum for overnight repairing of skin cells. Avoid wearing makeup until your party day. Sunscreen is a must if you are going outside.

  1. Conceal, conceal, and conceal

Dark circles, uneven skin, spots, and other pigmented areas of your skin are stubborn and don’t go suddenly. Although reducing it to some extent, will give relief. Still, conceal it with a high-quality product and ensures it doesn’t look fussy. For even consistency, apply it after moisturizer on pigmented areas and spots. No, no, don’t think of using it all over your face.

  1. Winged Eyes

Dramatic eyes don’t go with the vibes of family functions, but in parties, it rocks. You can try a bold winged eye with liquid mascara. Pick any style to compliment your style, cat-eye, or merely a crisp line. For perfect angle, use liquid sketch liner, if you are a beginner. It isn’t very reassuring to use gel eyeliners if you don’t know a, b, c, d of makeup.

  1. Play with Colours

Don’t keep colors at bay, and it is time to shine. Complement your look with a blush that enhances your features. Using eye shadow matching your outfit is a good idea, but make sure it doesn’t give a ghostly look.

  1. Lip Shade

The same goes for lip shades when it comes to colors. Consider dark lip shade complement light eye color and vice versa, so to avoid eerie look, you must take care of things like this. You can skip all other makeup and focus solely on lips if you think God has blessed you with good lip shape.

In case you don’t find a salon, you can fearlessly take the DIY route with the help of these tips.

Written by : TeamCrystal Evans

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